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I attended another wedding today and again, it’s one of my cousin’s. They’ve been together for so so long and I’m glad they finally had their grand church wedding!

When my lovely cousin walked down the aisle, I couldn’t imagine how it feels like being a bride, being her. It must feel so wonderful. She tried so hard not to cry but she teared up when she saw her 12 year old son and husband waiting for her at the end. My nephew cried too and most of us teared up a little as well. Well I did. :p 

The whole ceremony was beautiful. It was solemn, all ears was on the priest as he gives meaningful message about marriage and how important that sacrament is. 

Then the most awaited! oh, glorious food! It was so delicious, I ate every dish. haha. The program was so funny and entertaining. They made me join a game. All single ladies should. Ugh! Thankfully I was saved! I don’t want some random guy putting a garter up my leg! 

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Our health has taken its toll for days. I spent 2 days curling up in bed. Turns out all of us were sick especially my dad. He got admitted and although I’m sick, I took care of him while feeling better at the hospital too. After 3 days, I’m glad I’m now home.

I’ve been spending days at the hospital writing poems and proses. How I miss posting it here. But I guess it should stay somewhere else. I’ve been inspired with Lang Leav’s work. How I wish I can publish a book like hers. Someday.

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A Little Haul
Thursday August 21, 2014

We shopped a lot when we were on vacation especially in Thailand. Bangkok is one heck of a city to shopped to from their little stalls on the streets, thrift shops to big shopping malls! Mostly we shopped for souvenirs but I also shopped for myself. Here are some of the things I bought minus the clothing.

photo IMG_9641_zps781832c5.jpg

I’ve been obsessed with pink nowadays. I guess it still is my favorite color. I’m loving hot pink right now. 

watch for just 100 baht, H&M phone amplifier and bow, passport holder from Victoria’s Secret (mine was originally nude in color but I switched with my mom), owl purse (cos I love owls too)

photo IMG_9623_zpsdd46919e.jpg

How cute are these bracelets? The daisy and the unicorn are my faves! I’m gonna give the rest to my friends.

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This was day 3 of our Thailand adventure! We went to Nong Nooch Botanical Garden. It’s the most amazing and largest garden I’ve seen! The photos doesn’t even justify how beautiful it is. There’s so much more views and attractions to see that aren’t included here. (We were so excited running around that the photos turned out blurry, my cousin was the photographer not me. LOL.)

ON THE WAY// We rode a van to get there and there were few tourists there too. The conductor was so friendly and chatty. I was having a selfie session on my seat and the driver noticed me. He kept glancing and smiling at me and the conductor was trying to make a conversation with me in Thai. My cousin who knows how to speak Thai a little said the driver likes me. Haha! He’s kinda young, maybe just my age. They kept saying “Philippine Beautiful” and I just want to hide my face the entire ride cos there’s other people in there who can hear them. They’re just being friendly though and they don’t do it in a creepy way. I just waved and smiled at them when the ride’s over (thank God!). 

ELEPHANT RIDE// First thing we did was ride the elephant. It was a bit pricey for a few minute walk but it was so worth it! I rode with my mom. The elephant’s tall and the seat was wobbly so I was trying not to squeal but I can hear my cousin’s screams behind me! haha.

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After 15 days of traveling to other countries, I’m glad I’m home. I do enjoy the busy life in Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur but I miss my chill city back home. 

I’ve been so blessed being able to travel to those countries and it has been such an adventure! I’ll surely blog about it soon per country. Expect major photo dump. It’s sad we didn’t push the plans on Cambodia and Vietnam cos my cousin has to go back to her work so there’s no one to guide us. It has been fun though. So many funny experiences! :D

We were so early at the airport then we found out our flight was delayed for 4 hours. I took advantage of the free wifi and the time to people watch. I’m an observant person and I sometimes like to watch people and wonder what their life is. 

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